This Press Release was originally posted, July 2011


(Left to right) Row 1:Janet Watson, LHS Secretary, Carroll Overton with family friend, A. E. Fouss; Row 2: Deborah Craven, LHS nurse, Dr. Lewis Bridgforth; Row 3: Bruce Chandler, Jane Williams Woolard; Row 4: Cal Spencer, LHS Vice President, Dr. E. D. Baugh, Jr.; Row 5: Sheriff Arthur Townsend, LHS Treasurer; Row 6: Ollie Wright, Randy Lail, Jay Stafford, LHS President; Row 7: Louis Overton, LHS Chaplain, Larry Roach

The Lunenburg Health Service, Inc. Board of Directors, in a resolution dated April 25, 2011, voted unanimously to rename its office building, located at 1428 Sixth Street in Victoria, the Williams-Overton Building in recognition of the generosity of its founder, Robert Miles Williams, and long-time supporter and friend, Barbara Ruth “Bebe” Glover Overton.

Mrs. Overton served as a board member with great faithfulness, providing leadership and support throughout her tenure and making many lasting contributions from 1975 until 1984. She followed in the footsteps of her late father, Victoria pharmacist E. C. “Eddie” Glover, Jr., who was a member of the health service’s first board of directors. Her late mother, Ruth Glover, helped with the planning of activities for the dedication of the health service on Lunenburg Day in 1949. Mrs. Overton’s generous financial contributions help ensure the long-term viability of the organization.

Mrs. Overton, who passed away in 2010, was a highly-respected pharmacist for over 40 years and was known throughout the community as a compassionate friend and health professional who was ever-mindful of the needs of friends, neighbors, patrons, and others in the community. Her delightful sense of humor and words of encouragement touched the lives of many. She and her husband, Larry, who preceded her in death, grew up in Victoria.

At a luncheon on July 23, 2011, Mrs. Overton’s son, Carroll Overton, was presented with a resolution acknowledging his mother’s many contributions to the health service and the community.